Proven mentorship to ignite confidence in youth with ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, and other learning differences.


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Discover your child's Superpowers 🚀


By emphasizing mentee strengths, we give them the confidence and skills to tackle their most daunting challenges associated with their learning difference.

Our approach works

84% of our mentees show improvements in confidence + self-advocacy. Additionally, 93% see an increase in emotional well-being with 69% seeing this within the first month.


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With thousands of hours mentoring kids and young adults worldwide, we know what works to reach your child best.

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Meet some Superpower Mentors

Christiana W.

Los Angeles, USA. Dyslexic. Art Director, Advertising, Social Media Influencer, Semi-Professional Athlete

Jeff S

Bronx, NY. ADHD. Aerospace Research Engineer @ NASA. Marathon Athlete, Musician, Scientific Tech Developer

Dylann C

Massachusetts, USA. ADHD, Educator, Writer, Artist, Blogger, Health Enthusiast, Entrepreneur.

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What do other parents have to say:

The transition from high school to college is tough for anyone- - now throw in LD, ADHD, and virtual college! My daughter said for the first time in her life, after numerous unsuccessful therapists and learning consultants, she is actually excited to be able to use and apply the things they are working on. Our Superpower Mentor gets her because she was her!

Liz R

Austin Texas

Our Superpower Mentor offers something that no other professional can, his full attention and belief that my son will succeed. He creates positive bonds with his mentees like no one else. Our mentor looks for small wins to build confidence...and it is working. I am grateful for all you are doing for my son

John D

London, England

Our son has really opened up and gained so much confidence while working with Superpower Mentor in just a short time. He is gaining such an understanding of how his own mind works through their conversations and is viewing these differences as strengths instead of a challenge

Ashley P

Nashville, Tennessee

Our Superpower Mentor has a very intuitive way of reaching my son and can turn things around in sessions that I never thought possible!

Diana T

Long Island, New York

My son's relationship with his Superpower Mentor has been pivotal.

Bethany K

Miami, Florida

IN JUST THREE SESSIONS, my son opened up in ways like I have never seen before. I was holding back tears!

Rebecca H

Austin Texas

How it Works..

Get Matched
During the mentor matching process, we learn about the needs of each mentee on an individual basis and match them to mentor who is the older version of them.
Meet your Mentor
Before mentorship begins, families meet and approve each mentor. These meetings allow both the mentor and the family to get to know each other and see if this match is the right fit.
In the Session
We are focused on delivering content that is custom to each mentee; all activities, conversations, and needs are based on each mentee’s specific interests and age.
Family Matters
Each month you and your child’s mentor hop on a call to debrief the sessions, set goals, and talk progress. This helps keep everyone on the same page throughout the relationship!
For the Parents
The value of being a member of Superpower Mentors does not stop with your child. Parents gain access to our Facebook community, member only Q+As, expert interviews, weekly updates, and more!

Same Brain. Different Mind.

Meet our Founder, Jake Sussman

Jake is the heart and soul behind Superpower Mentors. He understands the challenges of learning disabilities firsthand and knows what it's like to feel misunderstood by professionals and adults.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Superpower Mentors

Please see our About Page.

What is the difference between a Superpower Mentor and traditional therapy?

The Superpower Mentors are not licensed healthcare professionals. Mentors provide guidance, advice, and support through their lived experiences. Mentors are trained through a proprietary course developed with counsel multiple educators and industry professionals. 

Although clients have stated on multiple occasions that their child has gained more value out of their mentor relationship than their therapist relationship, Superpower Mentors are by no means a replacement for emotional and social health professionals such as therapists and psychiatrists. If your child is in emotional distress please consult your dedicated medical advisors.

What is your mentor vetting process like?

Please see our Mentors page to learn more about our comprehensive safety and vetting process

Does my child qualify for your program?

Our program is designed for children and young adults 7-25 who have diagnosed or undiagnosed learning differences. If your child fits under the above criteria there is a place for them in our program.

Does my child need to be diagnosed with a learning disability to be eligible for a mentor?

No! Your child does not need to be diagnosed with a learning disability to be eligible for a mentor. All children and young adults are unique and everyone learns and experiences life differently. If you want to pair your child up with a mentor, please book your free strategy call so we can best understand your specific needs.

What happens if we don’t like our mentor?

In the rare case you do not like your mentor, we will work with you closely to align you with someone who fits your liking. There is no added cost with this service. Our safeguards currently in place are designed to be proactive in case you do not like your mentor. More often than not, if the pairing is not viable, we will have been made aware within a couple of weeks of the match and reach out to make a switch as soon as this comes on our radar.

Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately, we do not take insurance or accept FSA/HSA. Some clients have been able to have this service paid for through their child’s institution or educational sponsor.

My child is resistant, what do I do?

It is quite common for mentees to be resistant at first. Mentees are coming to the table with years of therapists and other doctors trying to “fix” them. With this in mind, our strengths-based approach is meant to break down those barriers and start establishing trust. We do not try and “fix” mentee and, in fact, we do the opposite. We do more than help each mentee realize that there is nothing inherently wrong with them. We help them understand that their “disability” is actually a SUPERPOWER!

When it comes to approaching a resistant child, we suggest highlighting the positive aspects of the mentorship program and finding common interests between the mentor and your child. You don't need to convince them to participate fully in the program—that's our job. All you need to do is encourage your child to join a quick 5-minute call, and we'll take it from there. If you continue to encounter resistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at