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What to Expect?

Understanding your Child

The first goal of the strategy session is to understand what is currently going on at home. We want to get an idea as to what the greatest challenges are and what the current support is for your child.

Identifying Interests

The next goal of the call will be to get an idea of what your child is interested in. This can be anything from sports, art, acting, cooking, entrepreneurship, and anything in between. This information is crucial to understand what mentor might be the right match for your child.

Uncovering your 'Why'

Finally, we will dive into what you hope to get out of mentorship. We know everyone is unique and has different goals. Understanding what you hope to get out of a mentor-mentee relationship for you and your child is so the most important part of our call. We want to be able to cater a plan that fits your why. One plan does not fit all!

Is Superpower Mentors for you?

Through understanding your child, identifying their interests, and uncovering your why, we should be able to determine if our services are for you and your family!