Kids & Teens

Ages 7-10 Mentorship

Through a fun collaborative relationship, your child’s mentor will focus on learning how to discover your child’s superpower through an elementary approach using projects, activities and games.

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Ages 11-14 Mentorship

The most common age in our program is our 11-14 year olds. For kids in this age bracket, your child’s mentor will dive into deeper concepts and learn how to not only embrace their Superpower, but overcome challenges such as bullies, communicate to teachers, and find healthy outlets to feel expressed.

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High School & College

In the United States, 40% of college students drop out of school each year and 30% of those students are Freshman… 

Our mission is to lower this percentage significantly.

High School

Topics covered are included but not limited to:
- Social Life
- Health/Diet
- Outlets
- Homework
- Advocating to teachers about learning disabilities
- Time-Management

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Topics covered are included but not limited to:
- Everything in High School plus:
- Dorm life
- Communicating to Disability Services
- Meeting with professors
- Extra curricular activities
- Stress-Management

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Graduation and the Workplace

Program description coming soon… please reach out to us at for more information.

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