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Our mission is to empower the next generation of neurodiverse thinkers to confidently succeed in any environment.

Our story may sound a lot like yours…

We were all misunderstood for how we learned. It felt like everyone around us was trying to “fix” us.  We were often misunderstood by our teachers, peers, professionals and sometimes even loved ones. With this came anxiety, constantly comparing ourselves. Don’t even get us started with reading or math…

The funny thing is, we also are brilliant. We have the craziest ideas and wildest dreams. We are often extremely empathetic and when we put our minds to something, we are unstoppable.

My name is Jake Sussman. Founder and President at Superpower Mentors

I founded Superpower Mentors after being sick and tired of constantly hearing the horror stories of kids with learning differences, like myself, falling through the cracks. Enough is enough. After doing extensive research, we identified three major gaps that are not being taught in school and are being missed in the mental health space.

1) Students are not taught the foundational skills that lead to independence.  

2) Students are expected to show up to school, and just learn. But that is not how it works for kids who are so trigged by “learning” itself due to their learning differences.

3) We have become obsessed with “fixing” the problem. That, in it of itself is the problem.

At Superpower Mentors, we are directly filling these three gaps.

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