Top Summer Recommendations for Superpower Mentor Mentees

Superpower Mentors tips and tricks for a successful summer for the whole family!

1. Explore inner-self: Especially for those who don’t have much going on or are spending a lot of time in front of screens, explore OUTLETS! These should include 3 in particular: one they are passionate about, one that gets their heart rate up, and one that expresses their creativity. Once they have these down, make sure they are nurtured and become a daily habit.

Tip for Parents & Guardians: We encourage you to participate in these kids outlets with you children at least a few times this summer. Doesn’t matter if it’s playing video games, shooting hoops, or doing a coloring book- do it with them to show them you are interested. It’s a great way to bond and allows you to see into their world as they see it!

2. Establish morning routines: It’s never too early to start creating good morning habits and routines. Have them start with something as simple as making their bed. With time add other things to check off a list that feel relevant to where they are and what they’re looking to accomplish.

 Tip for Parents & Guardians: If you have your own routines, share what has worked for you and encourage them to ask you or their Superpower mentor questions on how to keep moving in the right direction for them.

3. Do something outside of comfort zone: Ask your child what is something challenging they would like to accomplish each week. If they need some prompting, ask them simple but direct questions to help them ideate. Remember to then do these things together and save time for reflecting and checking in.

4. Have them create a visual of what they need to get done and make it the night before so that the following day is ready for them.

We hope your whole family has a fun-filled, adventurous, and successful summer!

For more insight on children going through a school transition, refer to this blog on our website for additional tips and recommendations there!