Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


The below terms and conditions are made part of this Agreement.Scope. The parties signing below (collectively, “Client”) hereby engage Superpower Consulting LLC (“Consultant”) as an independent contractor to perform the consulting services set forth above (each consulting session shall be a “Session”; collectively, the Sessions are the “Services”).

Client Responsibilities. Consultant is not a medical professional and any advice should not be construed as medical advice. Client is solely responsible for creating and implementing Client’s own physical, mental and emotional well-being, decisions, choices, actions and results arising out of or resulting from the Services. Accordingly, Consultant shall not be responsible or liable in any event for Client’s actions or inaction, or for any direct or indirect result of the Services. Client acknowledges that the Services do not involve the diagnosis or treatment of mental disorders and that the Services are not a substitution for therapy, counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, or other professional advice by legal, medical or other qualified professionals and that it is Client’s exclusive responsibility to seek such independent professional guidance and treatment as needed.

Payment. All payments are nonrefundable. The balance due as set forth above must be paid in full at least twenty-four hours in advance of the first Session in order for client to maintain its reservation(s).Cancellation Policy. Client may reschedule a Session by providing at least twenty-four hours notice in advance of the scheduled time for such Session. If Client fails to provide twenty-four hours notice of a cancellation, the Session shall be forfeited and not be rescheduled, refunded or otherwise credited.Scheduled Sessions. A Session shall begin and end at the scheduled times. If Client is late to a Session, Consultant shall not be obligated to extend the Session past the scheduled time. In the event Client is more than fifteen minutes late to a Session, Client shall be deemed to have cancelled the Session without notice to Consultant, and the Session shall be deemed forfeited in accordance with Section 4.

Recording. Consultant may record a Session, provided, however, that Consultant shall notify Client in advance. In no event shall any recorded Session be shared with or disclosed to a third party without Client’s prior consent except pursuant to court order or otherwise required by law.

Mutual Confidentiality. All contents, discussions and exercises occurring during a Session are strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed by either party to any third party without the non-disclosing party’s consent. Client acknowledges that the Consultant-Client relationship is not considered a legal confidential relationship and thus communications are not subject to the protection of any legally recognized privilege.

Attorney’s Fees. In the event of any legal proceedings to enforce or interpret this Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover all legal costs and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) from the non-prevailing party.

Limitation of Liability. Consultant makes no guarantees, representations or warranties of any kind or nature, express or implied with respect to the Services. In no event shall Consultant be liable for any direct or indirect, consequential or special damages. In no event shall Consultant’s liability relating to Services exceed the total payments received by Consultant under this Agreement.

Assignment. Neither party may assign this Agreement without the other party’s written consent.

Notices. All notices shall be sufficiently given if emailed or sent by regular mail to such address as the parties may from time to time direct.

Amendment; Entire Agreement; Electronic Signature; Counterparts. This Agreement may not be amended unless such amendment is in writing and signed by both parties. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. This Agreement may be signed electronically and in one or more counterparts.

Governing Law. This Agreement shall be interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Connecticut and the exclusive venue for all actions arising out of or under this Agreement shall be Fairfield County, Connecticut.